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Samedi, 24 Oct 2020

Module Variations

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Below this article you can see basic suffixes used in this template (at positions bottom1-bottom4). Please remember about using space at beginning of suffix name in module options.

Suffix clear is used usually in header positions for Image Show and GK Tab modules.

Please remember that if you have a module News Show Pro then you have to set suffix nsp for that module - this suffix adds relative positioning to main module container which is necessary for correct module interface positioning.

Additional suffixes available for News Show Pro GK1 module:

  • nsp_nm - useful when you have disable module title and you want to set article title in place of module title
  • nsp_st - small titles in the module
  • nsp_st - big titles in the module

For GK Tab module you can use color suffixes: red, green, blue, neutral.

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